Review: Super Cute a little Babies dolls

Teddy purchases Kala doll in our local independent toyshop

The Super Cute Little Babies are superhero babies on a mission! A mission to save the planet. This is an amazing brand-new toy range from GP Flair – a range of four lovely babies that have unique super powers that have been chosen to protect the environment, and teach other children to love and respect Nature.

Each baby has a special power associated with the environment. Kala’s is that she had power of water and can put out small fires. You can learn all about each of the baby’s powers on the YouTube show.

The dolls come packaged almost entirely in recyclable cardboard which has recycling instructions on it.

There are four main characters to collect:

Sisi – She has the power to control the wind

Sofi – She has the power to communicate with and control plants

Gabi – She can control the sun and heat things up with her hands

Kala – She can control the water and put out small fires

You can see the fun range of dolls and their pets available in our local toy store

The range of Super Cute Babies dolls in our local toyshop

Once out of the box, you need to put in 2 AAA batteries (not included) using a very small screwdriver. If purchasing as a gift you might want to do this before giving it to a child. Once you add the batteries she makes a drinking sound when you give her her cup and it plays the Super Cute theme music while the heart on her chest lights up.

The clothes on the doll are reversible.

Kala Super Cute baby as she comes out of the box

To turn her from superhero to baby, you reverse her boots, take off her tutu to reveal her nappy, fold up the cape and fold it into the bib and hey presto, she’s a baby again!

Kala dressed as a baby

The dolls are suitable for children aged 3-8 years old. My daughters (almost 3 and 5) both love them and I love that they are trying to help pass on an environmental message – albeit through a plastic toy that uses batteries.

Since we got Carla, we have been talking a lot about how we can use water sparingly and its power to help the environment.

You can buy Super Cute Babies at Tesco, The Entertainer and Amazon.

And you can find out more about the Super Babies at

Review: Weebles newest characters – Bluey and family!

(The toys in this post were gifted for review)

Weebles have been played with and loved for generations so we were super excited to received their newest release – Bluey Weebles. Bluey has been especially popular in this household this summer holidays thanks to the release of new episodes on Disney+ so the girls were so excited to receive these toys.

Weebles wibble and wobble but they never fall over! They’re the perfect size for small hands to play with and I love that small world play allows for open ended imaginative play!

The collection includes Bluey and her sister Bandit, mum Chilli and dad Bandit. The four pack is £15.99 but they are available in single and double packs from £3.99 making them percer pocket money toys.

Watch them wibble and wobble

Suitable for children 18 months plus. Weebles are a perfect first collectible for children and are available to buy from: Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, Sainsbury’s and Toymaster

(AD) Review: Care Bears – Care-A-Lot 40th Anniversary Bear

Teddy has a cuddle with the new Care Bears 40th anniversary Care-A-Lot bear

I have been a huge fan of Care Bears since my childhood. The beats take me straight back to my 80s childhood and I love to share all my childhood favourites with my own daughters! Although it does show my age now Care Bears are 40.

It’s so exciting that Care Bears are celebrating their 40th Anniversary with the new special edition Care Bears Care-a-Lot Bear.

The new Care-a-Lot Bear is 14 inches tall and an ombre pink and purple with unique silver sparkles in her fur, a castle belly badge which is totally different from the other Care Bears and 40th embroidery on her foot. There’s also a little Care Bears button on her bottom!

Each Care-a-Lot Bear comes with a certificate of authenticity to mark to celebrate the 40th anniversary and show how unique and special your bear is.

Care-a-Lot is a special bear because she encourages our children to care about others. She is never afraid to show how much she cares. She encourages us to care for our neighbours and our community & shows how important kindness and love are!

Care-A-Lot Bear has a challenge for us all! From 1st August until September 9th aka #ShareYourCareDay, aka the last day of the challenge, there will be a list of 40 daily challenges all revolving around caring! You can view the challenge page on the Care Bears website where the daily challenges will be posted. Every time you share your care and post about it on your Instagram or TikTok page, you will be entered into a raffle for a gift pack of Care Bear goodies! How amazing is that!

The Care Bears – Care-A-Lot 40th Anniversary bear is a super special bear for any child. Teddy really loves this beautiful and soft bear and I love the message behind it and the fact that it encourages her to care for others.

Care-A-Lot 40th Anniversary bear is available at the following stores at £24.99:



House of Fraser

John Lewis

And all good independent retailers

We purchased ours from our fabulous local independent toy shop, Argosy Toys.

Review: Jiggle Pets Elephant by Character Toys

My 5 year old daughter, Teddy, with her bee Jiggle Pets elephant

This toy was received free of charge for review but all opinions and content entirely my own.

We are a family of animal lovers and my favourite animal is the elephant so I was excited to receive this electronic elephant toy! It’s so cute with long jelly fur and a fringe covering it’s cute anime face and rosy cheeks. You can’t help but love it!

When you press it’s head, it plays a fun catchy tune and dances about in time to the music, jiggling and stepping. Its easy to operate firstly. It’s a large button on the top of the head. It’s really funny and attracts the attention of my 5 year old who thinks it’s really cool and fashionable at her age.

A taster of the Jiggly Pets elephant in action

The elephant’s body and face is covered in a stretchy rubber type material which is very tactile and the kind of thing 5 year olds love! You can stretch it, you can squish it & it jiggles really well!

Testing out the stretch!

The Jiggly Pets elephant is so simple to use with an on/off switch underneath. It’s super fun, it’s available on blue or pink and it’s almost guaranteed to delight your child! It also comes with the batteries included and the packaging almost entirely recyclable card bar a couple of cable ties.

Here is the on/off switch. So easy to use!

Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the toy to purchase. With a RRP of £17.99, it’s fairly inexpensive for an electronic animal yet still extremely fun for children!!

Thanks for reading our review of the Jiggly Pets elephant!

Links to purchase:

Smyths Toys


(AD) National Relaxation Day with Joone

In celebration on National Day in August the 15th, Penny was recently sent a little baby pampering package by the beautiful French baby brand Joone. It included their perfectly healthy nappy, their delicious olive oil infused wipes, a lovely little muslin & the perfect hair and body wash.

Penny with her National Relaxation Day package from Joone

I think we can all agree that Penny was fully pampered by Joone – their products are of the highest quality, very gently on a baby’s skin and the packaging fits beautifully with my “beside the sea” themed home.

I love the nautical touches – what a sweet mercat!

The baby wipes really are to die for – there’s no surprise Penny’s having a sniff of one here. They smell gorgeous! They are infused with olive oil and instead of a highly fragrant fragrance, smell like olives straight off the tree!

The nappies are really fantastic quality & stand out from other brands because they are CLEAN with no chlorine, nothing that disrupts the endocrine system and top layer is fully natural. They are TRACEABLE. They do FREE delivery & returns and the subscription service is fully FLEXIBLE.

What’s more they have the cutest designs! They sent us these cute nautical ones but my fave is the hearts! You can test a day’s work of nappies for free – you just pay the £3.90 postage – click here

We also rescued the “perfect hair & body wash”. The girls love it because it’s so bubbly. I love the fresh citrus fragrance and it’s certified fully organic. It really does smell very luxury! And it’s ideal for some baby pampering and would be great for little ones with sensitive skin as it has no harsh chemicals.

Lastly, they kindly sent me the Joone Swaddle as an addition to my constantly growing collection of beautiful muslins. I am addicted but they have SO many uses! Again, I love the nod to the ocean. I also love that it’s 100% cotton and it’s Oekotex certified so you know it’s really clean against baby’s skin with no harmful chemicals.

Overall, I’m so impressed with the Joone products. They’re gorgeous for Penny but of course Teddy and I also wanted a share in everything too. I’ve been removing my make up with the gorgeous wipes and lathering myself up in Penny’s body & hair gel because you can’t resist the beautiful products.

I strongly recommend Joone and you can find their full range of babycare be clicking here.

Review: Shrek’s Adventure London

Today we had the best afternoon travelling to Far, Far Away by magic bus to visit Shrek & Princess Fiona.

Shrek’s Adventure, London is located in County Hall on the South Bank alongside The Sealife Centre & opposite the London Eye. You can easily combine your visit with either attraction. It’s also really easily accessible with Westminster and Waterloo stations within less than 10 minutes walk (even with kids in tow!).

Teddy and Penny on the Southbank clutching their souvenir plushies

Shrek’s Adventure is an immersive journey through Far, Far Away in which you meet all of your favourite Dreamworks characters including Cinderella, Pinocchio, Puss in Boots, An Ugly sister working as a barmaid and so many more. You embark aboard the magical bus to Far, Far Away but from then on there’s so many twists and turns! The magic bus driver is replaced by Donkey who needs your help to even get his magic bus going and he’s not even sure where to navigate!

Beware of Lord Farquaad! Or there’ll be trouble!

During the theatrical immersive experience, there are so many amazing special effects – I was convinced at one point that I was sat on a rat! I got wet & I almost got hit by one of Puss in Boot’s fur balls! I asked Teddy what her favourite part was & she said it was Shrek’s toilet exploding, which is hilarious!

The end of your trip to Far, far away is marked by meeting Shrek himself for a quick photo opportunity!

Teddy and I meet Shrek!

Once you’ve made your way back from Far, Far Away, then you visit the new Trolls experience. You dance your way down the hallway with loads of buttons to press (Penny’s speciality).

You carry on down the corridor and come to some awesome Dreamworks photo opportunities, where we had fun taking some silly selfies with our favourite characters!

We then had some fun playing on the Dreamworks games. Penny loved hitting the punch bags but I think I was a pro unleashing my inner Panda in “Ready, Steady Po!”. Kung Fu Panda is one of my favourite Dreamworks films! It’s so funny!

Getting ready to play Ready, Steady Po!

You exit through the gift shop, which is really reasonably priced and has a lovely selection of souvenirs. We treated Teddy to a Dronkey (a cross of Donkey & a Dragon!) and Penny wanted a little baby girl ogre.

Shrek’s adventure is located on the South Bank between Westminster and Waterloo stations so it’s so easy to get to! As it’s located in County Hall, you can also combine your trip easily with the London Eye or The Sealife Centre. We visited Shrek’s Adventure late in the afternoon after work and we extended our evening with dinner on the South Bank and ice cream and drinks before taking a whirl on the merry go round. There really is so much else to do within a short walk!

We all loved our visit to Shrek’s Adventure! It’s so fun, witty and interactive! You can book tickets to visit here (affiliate link).

(Please note that our tickets were gifted for review)

Guest Blogger MotherGoodOfficial tells us how she entertains her little Londoners

Hi, I’m Michelle and

Michelle (known as Mothergoodofficial on Instagram and Facebook ) lives on the Essex London border and she is mum to Leonie who has just turned 3, and Michelle describes as “a complete wild child” and her son Devon who is 18 months and “so chilled and smiley”. As a family, they absolutely love to explore.

Where are your favourite places to go as a family?

It’s hard to say favourite, as we tend to go to different places. We have a long bucket list, which we love to work our way through, so you will often find us on a new adventure each week around London and Essex. Recently, two new favourite local parks within 20 minutes from our house would be Cedarsq Park and Forty Hall. Love them. Both are just so picturesque to walk around.

When thinking further afield though, I love Horsey Gap in Norfolk to watch the seals. I think it’s just beautiful being so close to nature. Last time we visited, which was about 1 week before lockdown, we were greeted by 1,000 seals. It was absolutely breath taking. Plus, another favourite is Ilfracombe in Devon. I love Tunnel Beaches where we got married. We even named our son Devon after this area, so he has a romantic element to his name.

Where are your favourite places to eat as a family?

Oh my god, me and the hubby are foodies. We love eating!! One of my favourites is Jimmy’s World Grill. I love that all foods from around the world are under one roof. I would literally starve myself all day before we go, then find myself rolling out afterwards for eating WAYYYYY too much. Plus, this is perfect for fussy kids. You will be able to find something they will eat!!! Win, win as you get to eat and enjoy!!

Tell me about your best family holiday

OMG we love to travel and before the kids came into the World you would often find me and the hubby on the other side of the world having quite the adventure. From campervanning around NZ, zip wires, sky dives, bungee jumps, walking the great wall of china to swimming in the reef. There are so many places on our bucket list to take the kids. They will be little backpackers!!

As a family, our best holiday so far has to be Crete. We absolutely loved it there. We are not the typical family who can sit and sunbath. I really don’t know the meaning of chilling. We hired a car and travelled around the island heading in different directions every day!! We loved it!! Our top tip with travelling with kids abroad is to make sure you take lots of new activities on the plane to keep them amused. And make sure they haven’t seen these toys/activities beforehand.

What are your go to activities at home? 

We love a picnic at home. My Daughter loves getting out a blanket and it doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or out. Which is lovely as we all got to enjoy it as a family. With two toddlers we definitely have to mix up our activities. With my wild child Leonie, we could go through 10 activities within an hour. So, lots of arts and crafts keep us busy.

What is your child’s favourite toy and what do they/you like about it?

Leonie favourite is her two Jelly Cat Rabbits that she has to have in bed every night.  For some random reason, which we still don’t know the answer to, is that she calls Rabbits ‘Mimi’.  The white one is Mimi Uno and the brown one is Mimi Dos.  Leonie is learning Spanish, so the Spanish numbers have come into this. I love these as they are hercomforters and it really calms her down stroking their ears at night telling them stories.  

Then you have Devon who loves anything with wheels. He’s a typical boy, always playing with cars. Although he loves his broom as well. Often you will find a picture of him in bed with his broom held tightly!! A Mr Hinch in the making.

What is your child’s favourite book? Tell me a bit about it.

Finally, over the last 6 months Leonie has got into reading.  She loves the Gruffalo, Stick Man and a new found favourite is Room on the Broom.  She has really got into witches recently.  Halloween will be big in our house this year.  Reading is part of our bedtime routine to calm my wild one down and help her unwind.  She loves spotting everything in the book and in Room on the Broom she loves the part where all the animals make up a monster together. 

Are there any other ways you entertain your little Londoners? 

My kids love going swimming. Prior to lockdown we would go on a weekly basis with Nana and have a good splash about. Swimming for me was really important to take the kids to, as I have a big fear of the water. I want to ensure my fear doesn’t pass over to them. I still can’t confidently swim and will only do widths as I hate the thought of not being able to touch the floor. But going weekly is definitely helping all of us.

A bit more about Michelle

My Instagram and Facebook names are “mothergoodofficial” although I’m not too sure the ‘good’ is appropriate at times. I often feel like I’m winging being a Mum. So, a little bit about us. I’ve been married for 6 years (14 years together) and we have two gorgeous little ones. Yes, I might be bias, but they melt my heart.

We call ourselves a little fruit cocktail family as made up of lots of different nationalities. The kids are made up of English, Spanish, Burmese, Kenyan and even Scottish!! See……quite the cocktail!!

Review: Carter’s Steam Fair at Malden Promenade Park

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Carter’s Steam Fair at Malden promenade park in Essex. Our tickets were gifted for review.

I haven’t been to the park before but I’ve heard that there’s loads to do there. However, We have visited Carter’s Steam fair as a family twice before when it has visited Peckham Rye in London. Once as paying guests and once we were treated to press tickets.

On arrival at Malden Promenade Park, we very easily found the car park. We paid using the app that we found on the car parking notices and it cost us £6 for four hours.

On leaving the car park, we weren’t sure at all where the fair was. We couldn’t hear it and we couldn’t see it. However, we followed the people walking toward the mini golf entrance & mini skate park and I asked at the minigolf kiosk and they told me that you turn left on exiting the car park . I was really pleasantly surprised by the park which has an absolutely beautiful view over the river.

There are also several little cafés, all of which search look to serve an excellent cup of tea as well as a few ice cream places including Southend’s finest, Rossi ice cream.

We had already pre-booked our tickets for the funfair online. So I showed the booking at the ticket kiosk and we were given timeslot cards. There were plenty of people who had not booked online so had no problem booking on the day to immediately go onto the fair. You should leave yourself at least half an hour before your slot to pick up your tickets and get everything ready to go onto the fair.

There are two options at the moment, making it Covid secure, Rather than having people wandering around in queueing up all over the funfair.

The first option is the little kids’ experience, which is suitable Children aged 1 to 8 although I would more say 1 to 5. And then there is the big kids’ experience which is suitable for children aged 5+ or 1.1 m or taller and for that experience you must have an adult accompanying any children under 1.3 m and the adult also has to pay. I would say that Teddy is in between experiences. We have been on a couple of the rides in the bigger experience already and I do think some of the other rides were a little bit small for her but as we also had Penny with us, it was a no-brainer to go for the little kids’ experience.

When you arrive, you go straight onto the gallopers Which is the first ride in the experience and then you go onto the small Austin cars, then onto the boat ride, next is a little train then you have the toy turn right and finally the swing boats.

Both my children really enjoyed all the little rides.

Penny driving her Lotus.

After exiting the little experience, you come to the fairground games. We had a go at hook a duck which is £3 per go and you can pay either by card or in cash. Teddy won a big prize and Penny won a little prize fine Teddy switch them round so she took the little price and tell Penny could choose anything he wanted! What a kind sister!

After all that excitement, mummy and daddy needed a cuppa. We found the cutest little coffee cart called Mrs Salisbury’s also serving the nicest little finger cakes (I had a Victoria sponge finger) and yummy milkshakes with all the terrace with a view over the river. It was the perfect spot to have a little relax and as it was outside it didn’t matter that Penny didn’t want to sit still.

Next up, we had to go to the petting zoo. I’ve heard so much about it from touching skunks to spiders, I was really excited to go. I was so excited that we got to paint a hairy armadillo, a lizard called Shrek, a snake, a rat and I even put my brave pants on and held a tarantula for the first time ever!

Also at the park there is a crazy golf and a little skate park area. There’s also a proper playground and you can promenade along the river and it looks so beautiful. We didn’t get a chance to do any of these things but you can have a look at the reviews below from other local Essex mums to get an idea of what there is to do. On a sunny day there’s also a splash pad which looks fantastic. I’ll definitely be taking Teddy back there!

Playground review here (

Overall, we had the perfect afternoon out! Not too demanding on mummy and daddy but not boring at all either. And what’s more we didn’t have to drive very far!

Carters steam fair is at Malden promenade Park for another five weeks until 13th of June so plenty of time to book. Follow the link here for more information about the fair and to book to take your own children!

Review: Centre Parcs Longleat Forest

On the beach at Longleat Forest Centre Parcs

We travelled to Longleat Center Parcs in May 2021 when lockdown restrictions were easing, however there were still some lockdown restrictions in place including not being able to dine indoors and not being able to go in the swimming pool. Some of the activities were not running as a result.

My husband had two weeks parental leave that he had to take before my daughter turned one and so we decided, unable to travel abroad, to go on our first ever trip to centre parcs for a few days.

Check In:

On arrival at Longleat Forest we joined the queue to have our booking number taken and we were given the keys to our lodge which are a type of bracelet and the information on ordering food to all night as well as a map and a train timetable. 

It was easy to follow signage to our lodge. You can drive to the lodge to unload (and load up again at the end of the stay) but you need to return to the car park that evening. 

Before you go:

About a week before before our arrival we had booked all our activities online. I asked lots of friends their advice regarding what you can do at centre parcs and they said that they had never booked any of the activities but instead had relied upon the free things for children such as playground, the beach and the swimming pool. However,  the swimming pool was closed and so I was worried we would get bored so I booked some activities. I’m really glad I did or it would have been boring. I like to keep on the go!

I strongly recommend that you look at the schedule before that activities go up for booking us some of it very very quickly such as pony riding. I was quite impressed that the activity prices were in line with what you’d pay normally given that you are a captive audience.

We decided to book:


Electric boat ride for the whole family

Music sensory class for the two children

Mini play ropes course for Teddy

Messy play session for both children

Mini owls experience for the whole family

As I reviewed each one of these separately whilst on a holiday, I have added the links above to my Instagram reviews. Overall, I can say that we were really impressed although I probably would not book the messy play again nor take a very small child to the mini owl experience.

Our accommodation:

We booked a two bedroom executive lodge and overall I was incredibly impressed with the lodge. It was very spacious with a corner sofa, dining table, two bathrooms and of course two bedrooms. Is also a large storage cupboard which was really handy for things like when is that you need to take with you. There was also a cot and highchair available as standard and a patio area with a balcony. Towels and bedding are included as is washing up liquid et cetera though only two toilet rolls which with a family of four is clearly not enough!!

If I went again, I would certainly pay extra to choose the lodge location. The location of ours at the top of a steep path down to open water meant I really couldn’t relax outside. I was worried that Penny would fall down there steep path and with momentum she would just fly into the pond. This meant I had to always be very aware of where Paddy was outside and I really felt like I could not relax when the kids were outside.


While we were there, coronavirus restrictions meant that we could order to the lodge or dine outside most restaurants had restricted menus and many were closed.

We ate at the following:

Starbucks – there is one in the sports dome and one in the swimming area, both are really handy for some mum fuel coffee and we had takeaway breakfast our last morning

Huck’s American bar & grill: We ordered take away from here one evening and while it was pleasant, it was also forgettable 

Sports cafe: We enjoyed two lunches from here – one was a delivery and the other was on their terrace. It was my favourite place for lunch with an excellent selection of sandwiches and children’s dishes.

Forester’s Inn: We enjoyed a lunch here on the terrace from the limited menu. It was really delicious and the girls enjoyed their playground

If you haven’t been Center Parcs it does take a bit of getting used to. It’s like some kind of alternative natural world – think Pandora. I did really like it but the one day we decided to leave centre parks to go to the zoo, it was really a big hassle to get out. We had to take the train to the car park and the train doesn’t even stop exactly at the car park for me to put an hour just to get to our car. It’s a shame it’s such a mission to leave as there is so much to explore in this area of the country. I’d have loved to pop to see Stonehenge under an hour away but given it took an hour to get to the car and then it takes nearly as long to get back in!

The forest which we were surrounded by was absolutely beautiful and the most beautiful area was the cascade walk which we would walk up to go to the lake.

Walking through The Cascade

The lake itself is much smaller than I was expecting but it was still really beautiful and there is a beach area for children to play and there was also a lot of ducks and fish in the pond which they could feed. Bags of duck feed are available throughout Center Parcs and they cost £4 and you can use a multiple times during your stay. We still even have some at home.

There are four or five different playgrounds in centre parks which cater to children of all different ages and different braveness. Teddy enjoyed playing in all the playgrounds but because of all the activities we did, she didn’t spend as long as she would have liked in them. However, it’s not exactly my idea of a holiday to stand about in children’s playground! so while Teddy did complain, I was glad we did other things!

Shopping at centre parcs:

Centre parcs has an on-site shop run by the co-op called ParcMart which has everything you might need for your trip including that all-important toilet paper and everything you need for your barbecue (the charcoal, matches, meats, even barbecue chocolate). I really enjoyed shopping in there as they stocked lots of cool independent brands and niche products but if you’re on a budget it’s not the place to go. It’s far cheaper to buy your own groceries and bring them with you. If you spend over £40 in the ParcMarket, they provide free delivery to your lodge. 

Enjoying our barbecue purchases!!

In the shopping area there is also a Starbucks, a sweet shop and a toy shop, where we bought the girls some expensive (but lovely quality) beach toys.

Check Out:

On our last day, Neel had to take the mini train to the parking, collect the car and drive back to the lodge for us to fill the car. Once we filled the car, we left it outside the lodge and went and had breakfast on the beach while Teddy played. You can stay in the parc until midnight on the day you leave. On your way out, you simply hand in your key wrist bands and drive off, it’s that simple!

We had a fantastic stay and I definitely plan to take the girls again. It’s such a wonderful experience for them to be completely immersed in nature.

Happy Birthday with Care Bears! 🐻

This week, we celebrated Penny’s first birthday. What could be a more wonderful gift for my daughter on her first birthday than Care Bear’s Birthday Bear?

Teddy gives Birthday Bear a hug

For me, Care Bears are particularly emotive. As a child of the 80s, I had a vast collection of Care Bears as a child including the duvet cover and matching curtains! It’s so lovely to see my own children playing with the same kind of toys that I enjoyed as a little girl.

Penny on the morning of her first birthday

Birthday Bear is the perfect companion for your child. He’s got loads of great features:

SOFT HUGGABLE MATERIAL – Birthday Bear is 16″ inches in size, comes in a soft huggable material (ready for unlimited bear hugs)

COLLECTIBLE CARE COIN INCLUDED – Birthday Bear comes with a special Care Coin for collecting and sharing. It’s perfect to give to a friend to show them how much you care or keep it as a reminder to yourself to always be caring and kind!

UNIQUE BELLY BADGE with a cute birthday cupcake on it!

But remember, Birthday Bear is only suitable for children to play with age 4+ so if your child is younger like Penny the (in my opinion) it still the perfect birthday gift but you need to keep him up on the shelf until your child is 4 or closely supervised play.

Birthday Bear is available on Amazon from the below link:

Care Bear Shop on Amazon

The care Bears store on Amazon has loads of really gorgeous toys and collectables available. We also got a Love-a-Lot bear and we love her just as much!

Below you can see the huge range of care products on their shop – http://www.carebear ! There is something care bear for everyone – mummy, daddy or children!

15% off with the code SPRING15

Birthday bear had a really fantastic time celebrating Penny’s birthday with us. He is the perfect addition to any child’s birthday and full of hugs and cuddles for birthday children.

Teddy & Birthday Bear enjoy some rainbow birthday cake